Founded Factory Hashem Mohamed Ahmed Berber and its partners for the meat and meals 
Ready LLC, a Saudi company headquartered in Jeddah, Saudi 
Saudi Arabia and the company providing the Saudi market and the Gulf States 
Arab meat of its products manufactured according to international standards 
They called products Zarro is the first step. 
Factory Hashem Mohamed Ahmed Berber and its partners (increased Products) 
Was built according to European standards at a cost of $ 40 million and that 
In order to provide the Saudi consumer products to the meat of the highest degree of 
Quality, according to the provisions of Islamic law. 
We have committed ourselves to quality and high technology in production and through the application of 
Standards with respect to production, hygiene and technical support and training 
And customer service. 
The company has become the main suppliers of processed meat products, whether 
To the consumer directly or through catering companies and restaurants in the fast 
Its products include (Zadmnecat) 
A wide range of processed meat products of high quality (such as)
Minced lamb - minced beef - minced chicken) (Beef Burger - Chicken Burger)
Lamb Sausage - Beef Sausage - Chicken Sausage) 
And unique to the company without other products and unique in Zhadalmtnoah 
Kingdom (such as Burger nuts - Burger islands - Burger Mushrooms - 
Indian spices Burger - Burger Balbhart Arab - Burger tomatoes 
- Burger with garlic and onions - hot pepper Burger - Burger with pepper cold 
Our commitment to quality and hygiene through continuous development of our products 
This helps to increase production capacity to increase the size of the demand for 
Our products. 
We are committed to high product quality and advanced service delivery always 
To customers.